Basair operate the third largest aircraft fleet in Australia, behind only Qantas and Virgin Australia. With over 80 aircraft available from our Bankstown, Cessnock and Archerfield campuses, we are the largest flying school in Australia.

Aircraft List

  • Beechcraft Baron

    The Baron is the most widely used twin-engine charter aircraft in Australia. It is faster than the Duchess, and more complex to use. However, experience in the Baron gives graduates an advantage when applying to operators that use Barons.

  • Seminole

    A beautiful, modern multi-engine aircraft with that ‘new-plane smell’ (2017 model) and top of the line equipment. It uses a Garmin G1000, an integrated flight instrument system typically composed of two display units, one serving as a primary flight display, and one as a multi-function display (‘glass cockpit’).

  • Beechcraft Duchess

    The Duchess is the simplest twin-engine aircraft, and an ideal initial step into multi-engine flying. All students do their initial multi-engine endorsement in the Duchess, as it is a wonderful introduction to twin-engine flying. The Duchess is also available for the IFR flights as part of the ME CIR curriculum, and is the most affordable option for these flights.

  • Chieftain

    The chieftain is perfect for charter flights, scenic tours and full day air safaris. It is comfortable 10 seater twin engine aircraft.

  • Arrow

    The Piper Arrow is an affordable option for the commercial flights in the curriculum. The CPL flight test must be done in a more complex aircraft than is typically used for private pilot licence training; it needs to have a constant speed unit propeller and have a cruising speed of at least 130 kts.

  • Cessna 206

    The Cessna 206 is a heavier and faster option for commercial training. It requires a bigger step-up in skill level - however it is also the most commonly used aircraft in single-engine entry level jobs in Australia. Alumni that have trained in the Cessna 206 have found it helps them secure their first job.

  • Archer

    The Piper Archer is very similar to the Piper Warrior, but slightly faster. It is also ideal for PPL training, and is also used extensively at Basair Aviation College for Night VFR training (NVFR.) A NVFR is an ideal addition to a commercial pilots licence when applying for an entry-level charter job, as many charter flights are at night.

  • Warrior

    Most students choose the Piper Warrior for their Private Pilot Licence (PPL) training. It is faster than the Cessna 152, which makes it ideal for the cross-country navigation flights done during the PPL. Also, it is a 4-seater which gives students a chance to back-seat flights with their peers, and practice their map-reading, fuel planning and navigation skills.

  • Cessna 172

    One of the most popular touring aircraft of all time, the Cessna 172 has gained a place in the history books. It is an American built four seat, high wing single engine aircraft with fixed tricycle undercarrage. It is powered by a 160HP 4 cylinder Lycoming engine. The 172 is the most popular and successful aircraft ever built. As at 2008 more than 43,000 units have been produced. Like the 152, the 172 is also popular for flight training and with a faster cruise speed and two more seats are great for cross country flights.

  • Cessna 152

    The Cessna 152 is an American built two seat, high wing single engine aircraft with fixed tricycle undercarriage. It is powered by a 110HP 4 cylinder Lycoming engine. The Cessna 152 is without a doubt one of the most popular training aircraft of all time. As the successor to the Cessna 150 of which over 23,000 were made, it brought more power, a revised fuel and electrical system and an increase in gross weight. Students love learning to fly in a Cessna 152, and at Basair we use the Cessna 152 as the starting point for all our new full time students. It is slower than the other aircraft in the fleet, so students have more time to prepare for manoeuvres. Its high-wing design also gives it exceptional stability in the air.

  • Redbird

    The RedBird is a motion simulator with both single and multi-engine IFR operations. It is equipped with a 430 and 530 Garmin GPS.


    This 2-axis synthetic training device can be used for procedural and instrument rating training, simulating up to 37 different aircraft types, including single and multi-engine piston and turboprop and jet aircraft. It comes equipped with a Garmin GNS530.


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